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nav Delivery
icon When will I receive my product?
icon I selected the BMT Order on CD, but still got the download information. When will I get my CD?
icon I purchased a product that is downloadable but the download link in my email does not work. Why not?
nav Downloading/Unzipping
icon Why NOT to save files directly to your floppy drive?
icon "How To" save files from the internet to your computer.
icon I use AOL and am having trouble downloading from the secure server. What can I do?
nav General
icon What is BMT Micro?
icon Why does BMT Micro appear on my credit/debit card statement?
icon I'm having all sorts of problems. Can BMT Micro help?
icon Who should I contact with general questions about a particular title?
icon What is BMT Micro's refund policy?
icon I use my freemail account because of spam, how will this effect my order?
icon How do I enable/disable JavaScript in my browser?
nav Ordering/Payments
icon What payment options are available from BMT Micro?
icon How do I place an order online?
icon How do I order by phone/fax/mail?
icon Does BMT Micro accept Purchase Orders?
icon Does BMT Micro support bank transfers?
icon I just placed and order, what happens next?
icon I received a "Credit Card Denied Error" or "Data Entry Error" when ordering. What does this mean?
icon My credit card bill shows I was "double billed" for the software I purchased. How does this happen and can I get a credit?
icon I was told my credit card would be credited. Why hasn't it happened yet?
icon How do I refresh my browser cache?