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BMT Micro, Inc. Policy for Virtual Products

BMT Micro, Inc. does everything in its power to maintain a fast, efficient, real time payment processing system employing a vast array of safeguards to protect both our customers and vendors/developers against identity theft, Internet crimes, hacking, and fraud. Due to an increase in fraud and unauthorized activity detected by our systems, it has become necessary to establish a clearly defined protocol and company policy for all sales being made through BMT Micro's payment processing services and with particular regard to the special case of so-called "virtual products".

All virtual products may be required to go through manual review. The manual review process intends to remove orders of fraudulent or dubious nature. This precautionary step may delay processing of all virtual orders, but may be necessary due to the increase in fraud that we have detected for products of this nature.

For all intents and purposes, virtual products such as (including but not limited to) game tokens, scrolls, points amassed, memberships, character upgrades, and/or other items, are real products in the same sense as any other downloadable or electronically delivered software application or update, whether or not the product is available in a physical, tangible form (e.g. on CD).

If the virtual product has been used, e.g. played in a game, no refunds will be allowed.

Virtual products will not be sold to minors without proper authorization by their legal guardians. If it is found that a minor has misused his/her parents' information to fraudulently obtain virtual products, the account for that minor, with all extensions such as payment method(s), e-mail, user ID, and IP information, will be blocked from purchasing through BMT Micro again.

It is considered Internet crime to misrepresent one's identity and create falsified accounts. BMT Micro, Inc. may press legal charges against any one person who obtains products through fraudulent means. BMT Micro works together with law enforcement to hinder Internet crime and is dedicated to following all national and international laws to hinder use of falsified information, unauthorized payment methods, and/or money laundering.

All persons requesting a refund due to unauthorized use may be asked to fill out an Affidavit of Fraud. This will aid BMT Micro in ensuring that no further fraudulent activity can take place with regards to any one individual or any one specific payment account. It will also give vendors/developers a record of chargebacks, refunds, and the number of fraudulent or unauthorized charges coming from any one specific customer so that the vendor/developer can take steps to ensure, on their end, a complete block of the fraudulent or unauthorized information and/or user.

Vendors of virtual products will be responsible for any and all refund and chargeback fees incurred by BMT Micro, Inc. in the processing of such with respective credit card issuers, PayPal, Amazon and/or other banks or means of payment. The refund fee is currently at 7 % of the transaction amount, plus any chargeback fee levied by the bank.

Vendors of virtual products cannot sign up under any other tier than our Advanced Tier (9.5% flat). We reserve the right to set vendors of virtual products to a 20% commission, if/when irregularities in business practices, excessive fraud, and/or any other non-regular factors occur.

Vendors of virtual products will be paid quarterly, with a 1-month buffer held on all payments.

In cases of irregular business practices, dubious or suspicious activities and/or excessive fraud, we reserve the right to hold funds at our discretion.

Vendors of virtual products will have limited access to our split vendor program. We reserve the right to limit the number of splits allowed. We will also consider all split vendors equal to the original vendor in terms of chargebacks, refunds, etc. If funds are insufficient to cover the cost of chargebacks, refunds, etc. under vendor X (original vendor), all split vendors under or associated with this vendor X will be held responsible for such cost.

This policy is effective immediately.

January 15, 2015

Updated November 3, 2016