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nav Delivery
nav When will I receive my product?

If you purchased online with a credit card you will receive an order receipt and product information email immediately after the purchase has been approved.

If your product is deliverable by BMT Micro, your product notification email will include download instructions and/or a registration key.

If the product is delivered by the developer, your product notification email will include the developer's contact information and a message stating the item will be delivered by the developer.

If you purchased an item that needs to be shipped and you live in the US, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If you are outside the US, please allow 4-6 weeks.

nav I selected the BMT Order on CD, but still got the download information. When will I get my CD?

Selecting BMT Order on CD does not change the delivery method of the product, it adds an additional delivery method. For this reason you will receive both the regular download instructions and a CD by postal mail. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery within the US and 4-6 weeks for delivery outside the US.

nav I purchased a product that is downloadable but the download link in my email does not work. Why not?

The download instructions include a download link similar to this:

If this link is wrapped when received in your email, it may not be clickable. Please copy and paste the link into a text editor to ensure it is all in one line. Then insert the link into the address bar of your browser.

This link redirects to our secure server for downloading. This non-secure download link was created for easier downloading from services with high default security settings like AOL. As a security feature, our secure download links will automatically expire if accessed from two different regions. Sometimes when not downloading from a static IP, the redirect causes the password to expire in error. If this happens contact us to reset your download password and try your download again from the following secure download page:

You will need to enter the Product ID and Password in the requested fields.

If you are using AOL and are still having trouble accessing BMT Inc's secure server, follow these simple instructions.

Open your AOL browser
Click on "Settings" in the tool bar.
Click On "Preferences".
Click On "Internet Properties."
Click On "Customize Settings."
Adjust the setting to either Medium Low or Low.
Try Medium Low first. If you still get a page not found or other browser error try going to the Low setting. That will do it for sure.
Once you are satisfied that the download is complete, you can go back and re-set your security settings following the same path as above.